Animism - Shamanic Living Workshop Series

A series of drop-in workshops for anyone who would like to learn how to live an animistic life in our modern world.

  1. The Basics - no prerequisites
  2. The Essentials - requires completion of the Basics
  3. The Extras - no prerequisites
  4. The Immersions - requires completion of the Essentials

You can access an overview calendar for all workshops and gatherings at the bottom of the Hope Community page.


The Basics

The Shamanic Journey

In this 4-hour group workshop you will learn about the difference between Shamanism and Animism, and about the roles of the Shaman historically and in our modern world. We will discuss how we can live shamanically today and return our lives to balance: to honour the sacredness and connectedness of all living beings and our planet; to gently walk in oneness with all kingdoms and beings, both physical and non-physical; to live in harmony and respect with Nature, the directions, the elements and the Divine.

Journeying is the ability to enter into an altered state of consciousness and to access the alternate reality of the Otherworld or spirit realm. You will learn to journey to the beat of the drum, enter the Otherworld, and meet your Power Animal (or Animal Spirit Guide). We will discuss how you can connect with your guide later at home to gain insight into important life issues.

Once every month on a Saturday afternoon 1:30-5:30 pm
$60 (or $50 in advance by Thursday)

This workshop can be scheduled any time with a minimum of three participants. Please contact us, if you would like to host this workshop in your area. You can also book a private session and learn this practice one-on-one.

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RegisterThe Essentials

Journeying skills are recommended.

The Shamanic World Tree - Directions, Elements, and Lower Chakraselements

This is a four-day workshop in Animism on the four directions of the medicine wheel, the four classical elements and their corresponding aspects, and the Chakra system of the Shamanic World Tree:

  1. North - Earth - Body - Root Chakra:
    Grounding, boundaries and protection, physical well-being

  2. West - Water - Emotions - Sacral Chakra:
    Flowing with difficult emotions, forgiveness ritual

  3. South - Fire - Spirit - Solar Plexus Chakra:
    Active releasing through dance, transformation and fire ceremony

  4. East - Air - Mind - Heart Chakra:
    Mindfulness, compassion, loving-kindness meditation

To avoid any possible contagion during the COVID-19 pandemic, this workshop will be held outdoors, allowing us to keep a safe distance, breathe fresh air, and practice the teachings right then and there. And for those who would love to learn how to live an animistic life but prefer not to drive out at this time, these teachings will also be available as a distance program.

Activities include practices in Nature as well as shamanic journeying (or guided meditations). The ability to do shamanic trance journey to drum beat and some experience with your Power Animal would be helpful. Please consider the introductory workshop The Shamanic Journey above, if you are new to Animism, Shamanism, and journeying.

EXTENSIVE: 4 Saturdays 10am-5pm (fall dates TBC)

INTENSIVE: April 10-13, Friday-Monday (Easter long weekend) - held outdoors during the COVID-19 pandemic TBC
$595 for the series of four full days. A non-refundable downpayment of $100 reserves your spot.

Distance program: $485 for the series of four lessons.

This workshop series is taken straight from the yearlong training in Practical Animism, divided up into a series of workshops for those, who cannot commit to a full year of intense training and transformation. More advanced workshops will follow through the Fall and Winter for those who wish to delve deeper.

Workshop location is Hope where those travelling will find many overnight options to choose from: motels and Airbnb for every budget, as well as camping.

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Balancing Our Ancestral Lines

Ancestral healing is based on the belief that what happened in our family before we were born, any trauma or unresolved issues our Ancestors had, may be influencing our life today. Ancestral healing can transform these patterns that are not in our highest good, or are preventing us from carrying out our soul’s purpose. In this workshop, we will use the shamanic drum journey to meet your Ancestor Guide and journey up your four primary ancestral lines to explore the patterns that are having a disruptive influence on your life today.

This is a journey-intensive workshop. Basic journeying skills and knowing your Power Animal are helpful. Please consider the workshop The Shamanic Journey, if you are new to journeying.

This workshop is offered annually in the Fall, generally around the time of Samhain or Ancestors' Blot when the veils between the worlds are thinnest and the Ancestors walk among us.

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RegisterThe Extras

Open to all. No pre-requisites.

Drum Birthing

Give birth to your own shamanic frame drum in sacred ceremony and journey to the spirit of your new drum to learn its name and purpose.

We will gather in sacred space on Saturday afternoon to meet the spirit of your drum, connect with the Earth and Fire elements, work with the hoops and begin preparing your mallet. The hides will soak overnight. We will meet again on Sunday morning to connect with Air and Water, and then spend the rest of the day pulling hides and finishing mallets.

Choose your rawhide from either Elk or Deer (ethically sourced Horse hide from natural deaths can also be ordered with advance notice). The hoops are Maple (or Cedar on request, if available). Bring your own tree branch for the mallet, or choose from the ones available at the workshop.

The cost for all materials for a 16" drum with mallet is $170, payable by the registration deadline so the hides can be ordered, and is non-refundable. The workshop fee of $180 covers instruction and ceremonies for a total of $350. For larger or smaller drums, please inquire about material cost.

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Birthing Your Rattle

Working with the four elements of the shamanic wheel, you will birth your own rattle from rawhide, filled with seeds, rice, crystals, pebbles, beachsand, sacred herbs..., and a handle of wood, bone, or antler gifted to you from Nature.

Saturday afternoon (2-5pm) we work with the Earth element when we clean and cut the handle. Then we work with the Water element and cut, sew, and shape the soaked rawhide to let it dry over night. Sunday morning (10am-1pm) we begin with a short Fire ritual, fill the rattle, and attach it to the handle. Then we journey to the Spirit of the Rattle to discover its purpose and name. We decorate it and complete the process with the Air element.

Choose your rawhide from either Elk or Deer. Bring your own tree branch, bone, or antler piece for the handle, or choose from the branches available at the workshop. (The rattle shown in the picture is made of Elk hide.)

This workshop is offered regularly in the Spring and Fall in Hope, BC, and can be scheduled any time with a minimum of three participants. Please contact us, if you would like to host this workshop in your area.

The cost for materials is $60, payable by the registration deadline so the rawhide can be ordered, and is non-refundable. The workshop fee of $150 covers instruction and ceremony for a total of $210.

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Vision Board: Aligning Our Goals with Our Soul's Purpose

The Vision Board is a powerful tool to help plant the seeds of our goals and intentions for the year ahead. “The Secret” people were right when they said that we have the power to manifest anything. However, they didn’t tell us that we can only manifest that which is aligned with the greater Truth for the highest good of all beings, otherwise, what we manifest comes at a very high price and doesn’t last.

In this workshop, we will take a shamanic approach to vision-boarding and determine first what it is that we need to manifest in our life right now to align with our soul’s purpose. We will go on a shamanic drum journey around the Wheel of Life to find out what needs to “die” in order to make room for something new to be born, what needs to be nurtured to grow and mature, and what is ready to be shared in our community. This process will take place in the morning, followed by a brown-bag lunch, and in the afternoon we will share the fun of happily ripping and cutting images and words out of magazines and gluing them onto our poster boards to serve us as beautiful reminders throughout the year.

Click here to download the poster.

This workshop is offered annually in January and can be scheduled any time with a minimum of three participants. Please contact us, if you would like to host this workshop in your area.

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The Immersions

Good journeying skills and completion of The Shamanic World Tree above is required.Register

Reclaiming Our Stories

One Saturday in September. $150
Details provided to those who meet the prerequisite.

Shamanic Dreamwork

One weekend in October. $220
Details provided to those who meet the prerequisite.

Shamanic Shadow Work

One weekend in November. $220
Details provided to those who meet the prerequisite.

Please note that Ulrike does not work with plant spirits such as Ayahuasca - it is not part of her heritage or training - nor does she teach shamanic healing practices to laypersons. These workshops focus on living shamanically in a modern world. If you are interested in an apprenticeship, please contact her to schedule an interview.