Yearlong Training in Practical Animism: The Path of the Shaman

After centuries of misunderstanding, Animism is taking its rightful place as one of the great spiritual systems for awakening, healing, and transforming our lives. Animism provides a pathway of hope and practical action, allowing us to build the inner resources and access sacred guidance that support us in becoming a positive and effective agent of change. It also helps us cultivate more alignment and a natural sense of sacred connection to the world around us. In short, Animism can bring us home to our highest self and assist humanity with transcending self-defeating patterns and fostering a soul-powered way of living on Mother Earth that truly benefits all.

Year 1: Healing Ourselves

This 13-month training is a Tree of Life initiation to living an animist life in our modern world. You will connect with the Ancestors of your own cultural background and lineage, assemble a medicine bundle of 13 power stones or power objects, learn self-healing rituals, connect with elementals and spirit guides, and more. At the end of this process you will have developed good working relationships with your guides and assembled the tools you need to answer the question “Why am I here?”, know your unique gifts and how you can bring them into the world.

In-person training is one full day each month for 13 months on a Saturday, plus self-study and practice assignments with unlimited email support, one phone or Skype support session per month, if needed, and reduced rates for shamanic healing sessions.

    1. Ancestors & balancing our ancestral lines
    2. Root Chakra, Earth element: physical & energetic health, boundaries, grounding
    3. Sacral Chakra, Water element: feelings & emotions, water rituals, forgiveness practice
    4. Solar Plexus Chakra, Fire element: transformation through death
    5. Heart Chakra, Air element: mindfulness, compassion
    6. Throat Chakra, Space element: reclaiming our stories, finding our voice
    7. Third Eye Chakra: intuition & divination
    8. Crown Chakra: The Upper World, beings of light, archetypes
    9. The Divine Feminine - balancing & healing feminine archetypes within
    10. The Divine Masculine - balancing & healing masculine archetypes within
    11. Dreams and Dreamwork - dream interpretation, conscious dreaming
    12. Shadow Work - transformation through love
    13. Personal Power & graduation

Prerequisite is the ability to do shamanic trance journeys to drumbeat, which is taught in our workshop The Shamanic Journey, or similar journeying experience. A free question-and-answer session about the yearlong training programs follows each introductory workshop.

Distance Training

New in 2019 will be a distance option for those who are unable to commute to Hope, BC. The teachings and practice suggestions offer training in Practical Animism and Ancestor honouring. Offered as a group training over the course of 13 months starting in May 2019, or one-on-one, starting any time. For more details and to register, please contact us.


Year 2: Empowering Others

After having completed the Year 1 training, or with the necessary pre-requisites, you have the option to continue into a second year apprenticeship and learn shamanic healing rituals and ceremonies to bring the gift of shamanic healing to others, including:

  1. Ethics, energy hygiene, and boundaries
    The Middle World and Trickster spirits
    Spirits of Place and of the Land
    Space clearing, ceremony and blessing

  2. Ancestors, ghosts and ancestral healing
    Psychopomp (ushering the souls of the deceased)
    Shamanic Tending

  3. Diagnostic journeying
    Power Animal retrieval
    Power object creation
    Unhealthy attachments and de-cording

  4. Trauma and soul loss
    Soul retrieval
    Distance work

  5. Intrusive energies and Extraction
    Protective armour and De-armouring
    Intrusive entities and introduction to Depossession

The training is over five weekends, Saturday and Sunday, roughly two months apart to allow for practice and case-study work between classes. Some classes may have an evening ceremony on the Saturday. Classes build on each other and must be taken in sequence. Case study reports must be handed in prior to next class. There is no distance option for the apprenticeship.

For more information and to schedule an interview, please contact us.



I have recently completed Ulrike's Yearlong Shamanic Living program. I recall our last session - sitting in a tall grass field, feeling the sun and the wind on my face, two mares grazing near by, eagles circling above us. I recall how incredibly present and peaceful I felt at that moment, so connected to myself, so gentle and embracing, so loving of who I was at that moment. It was a big, life-changing year for me. A journey of self-discovery. A journey to Self-Love and Self-Trust - two foundation stones for my own healing. And then there were invaluable lessons on boundaries, accountability, finding my voice, and witnessing my scared, insecure inner little girl finding her ground and learning how to take care of herself, learning how to become the sovereign adult. And I never thought I had so much courage in me! :) What made Ulrike's program so appealing for me is her ability to hold safe, supportive and the most encouraging space where the main "rule" was to look for the answers within myself. It was just the right medicine for my confirmative upbringing. Plus, I just love her matter-of-fact humorous ways, her soothing, caring, compassionate presence and her fierce dedication to serving the greater good of this beautiful planet. Thank you! - Kristina, Vancouver BC

I’ve known Ulrike for several years now, and studied with her in her Shamanic Living year-long training. This was an invaluable program in understanding and practicing modern day shamanism. In our monthly training I developed strong journeying skills, forged relationships with my ancestral spirit guides, built a power bundle of sacred stones and objects, and birthed a spirit rattle. Ulrike’s compassionate nature and skilled teaching helped me to discover my unique strengths and connect to my highest potential. I have grown and changed immeasurably over the course of this program, and I highly recommended it to anyone seeking shamanic training. It is a powerful, life-changing path. - JL Lori, Vancouver BC

I found the Shamanic training led by Ulrike to be fascinating, deeply spiritual and everything that I had hoped it would be before starting down the path. I found that whatever I put into the sessions as to how deep I went, I always received much more from Ulrike and my fellow student peers. I highly recommend the Shamanic training with Ulrike to anyone who is in search of a deeper meaning of life. - John M., White Rock BC