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Group Retreats

Equine Healing for Stress

Compassion fatigue? Caregiver burnout? Or just plain overworked?
Learn to disconnect and come home to yourself in this daylong retreat with horses.

Supported by horses as teachers, this experiential day of healing and learning in a small group will leave you nourished and inspired to move forward with fresh energy and new tools to live life more fully.

Interaction with the horses is on the ground, not on horseback, and requires no previous experience with horses. You will learn important life-skills, such as grounding, clearing, and dealing with stressful situations constructively, while at the same time recharging your depleted energy resources and receiving gentle healing from Mother Nature and the horses.

10am-12:30pm – Equine Guided Learning
Lunch break
1:30-3:30pm – Equine Facilitated Wellness

This group retreat is offered on a Saturday once a month May through October.

Max 4 people
$180 per person for a full day with the herd (2020 dates forthcoming)
early bird: $160, if paid one month in advance


The Equine Wheel of Life

Explore the four directions of the Wheel of Life and the four classical elements with the herd while learning critical life skills. Enjoy three fun-filled days in nature and let the horses teach you how to:

This playful retreat takes place on a private horse farm 10 minutes from downtown Hope.

Friday 12 to 4 pm
Saturday 11 am to 4 pm
Sunday 11 am to 1 pm

Max 4 people
$485 per person for three days with the herd
(2020 dates forthcoming)
early bird: $435 if paid one month in advance


Senior Tuesday with the Horses

Exhale loneliness. Inhale the love of a horse.

Join a small group of other seniors and spend the afternoon sitting outside in nature in the presence of horses. This experience is not only for horse lovers, it could be an opportunity to connect with these magnificent creatures for the first time.

As your mobility allows, you can walk around the field with your chosen horse, stand up and brush her coat until it shines, or just sit and enjoy the sunshine while petting and talking to your new equine friend, sharing stories and memories. You will connect with nature, relax in the presence of a small herd of very gentle horses, and socialize with other seniors. This afternoon will leave you refreshed and revitalized.

Studies have shown that being in the presence of horses has many therapeutic advantages for seniors struggling with anxiety, depression, or loneliness and can even improve symptoms of cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Offered at 2-4pm twice a month from May to October - weather and air quality permitting. Please contact us for dates and to be added to our invitation list. Location is a private horse farm ten minutes from downtown Hope.

Maximum group size is six people.
$20 per person for the afternoon


The Shamanic World Tree - Directions, Elements, and Lower Chakras

This shamanic workshop is a four-part series on the four directions of the Medicine Wheel, the four classical elements and their corresponding aspects, and the Chakra system of the Shamanic World Tree:

These are the basics of living well and all four classes must be taken together in order. Good journeying skills and a working relationship with your Power Animal are required. Please take the workshop The Shamanic Journey, if you are new to journeying.

The Saturday is teachings and shamanic practice at Ulrike's sanctuary in Hope or outside in Nature, as weather permits. The Sunday is spent with the horses to practice and deepen the experience through Equine Guided Personal Growth exercises, a fun-filled day of experiential learning on a private horse farm 10 minutes from downtown Hope.

$1,030 for the complete series of four weekends (2020 dates forthcoming)
early bird: $930 if paid one month in advance

Workshop location is Hope where those travelling will find many overnight options to choose from: motels and Airbnb for every budget, as well as several camp grounds at lakes and rivers.

Personal Retreats

Transformation and empowerment through shamanic healing with horses

This offering is a daylong immersion into shamanic healing supported by horses and surrounded by mountains, rivers, forests, and lakes.

Shamanism is the ancient tradition of our Ancestors who looked to Nature as their spiritual teacher. It is a living wisdom without doctrine that allows us to build inner resources and access sacred guidance. Shamanic healing is a means to reach the source of an issue in spirit and to release the pattern of pain and suffering. It is a path for reclaiming your power and for restoring joy and meaning to your life.

In Equine Guided Personal Growth, horses join the healing process. They are amazing teachers in human development, emotional healing, and spiritual growth. They teach us critical life skills, including managing emotions, navigating change, setting boundaries, and speaking our truth.

Your personal retreat is from 10 am until 5 pm and the package is completely customizable. Here is an example of what your day could look like:

We meet at 10 am at the horse farm to sit with the horses during our initial conversation, then move into a shamanic healing ceremony supported by the horses, followed by an equine guided session during which you interact one-on-one with one of the horses for further insight.

We break for lunch from about 12:30-2 pm so you have time to process the experience, write some notes, and nourish your body.

n the afternoon, we go on an easy, 10-minute hike to one of the most stunning yet remote waterfalls for a Water ritual of surrender & forgiveness, an Earth ritual of grounding & planting seeds, or an Air ritual of breath & connection. For a Fire ritual of releasing & transformation, we would meet in Ulrike’s backyard.

e conclude the day with an embodiment practice and you can choose either a therapeutic Yoga session, a Reiki treatment, or a soothing massage.


Bundled into a personal retreat package your investment is only $420 for a full day of healing, transformation, and empowerment. Or come with a friend or your spouse and pay only $385 per person.


Personal retreats can be scheduled most days with sufficient notice and are offered on a private horse farm near Hope, BC.

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