Energy Healing with Horses

Imagine yourself lying on a massage table surrounded by horses, the sun caressing your face, the wind gently stroking your skin and leaves rustling in the trees above you, while a horse softly blows on your cheek and another tenderly nuzzles your abdomen...

Horses are natural energy healers and born shaman. During an energy healing session, the horses will point out which parts of your body need attention. They also energetically connect with the practitioner, helping with the healing and do so much more that we cannot fully understand. They detect and correct imbalances in our energy fields, retrieve memories, extract intrusive energies, and assist in untangling unhealthy energy connections while holding safe and sacred space and keeping everybody grounded.

Ulrike offers Reiki and intuitive energy healing with her horses. These sessions go so much deeper than table-work alone and have much longer-lasting effects.




Energy healing with the horses is $100 for one hour.


Sessions are offered on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons and some Saturday mornings on a private horse farm near Hope, BC.