Heal the Wounds of the Feminine

A spiritual path to releasing the burden of trauma and abuse

With these cycle teachings, I draw upon everything I have ever learned in my life to heal the effects of my own difficult childhood: From talk therapy to Tantra, from self-help books and groups to shamanic healing rituals, from hanging out with my horses to practicing meditation and Yoga... With this program, you can reap the benefits of my own self-exploration and self-healing.

Cycle One is specifically designed for those of us who are not feeling safe in our own body and tend to "space out" or disassociate in order to cope with life's challenges. 

Cycle Two is the natural progression of this healing journey and brings in shamanic self-healing rituals and nature-based practices to create a sense of belonging.

Cycle Three is the final journey into becoming the fully empowered sovereign of your life.

Cycle 1: Descend into embodiment and self-awareness

Most spiritual traditions focus on a journey upwards through the chakras, beginning with the body and the material world, and entering subtler and higher planes with each step up. This is called the current of liberation, or mukti. In Cycle I of this healing journey, we are embarking on a downward journey through the chakras. This path is called the current of manifestation, or bhukti

The flow of creation begins in the vast plane of pure awareness. It enters our individual consciousness as a thought or an idea. The chakras act as condensers, giving thoughts shape and form, moving them into words and actions, until they are dense enough to manifest on the material plane. 

You have the ability to draw down your own vision of what you want to create in your life and to manifest it here in the physical world. Your soul has a purpose for being here. The Divine wants to experience itself in the reality of Earth—through YOU. 

If you could manifest anything, what would you create? 

On this 16-week healing journey you will learn to:

Program Outline:

Week 1: Meet the Goddess and commit to the work
Weeks 2-3: Crown chakra—the energy of consciousness and thought
Weeks 4-5: Third Eye chakra—the energy of light and vision
Weeks 6-7: Throat chakra—the energy of sound and story
Weeks 8-9: Heart chakra—the energy of air and love
Weeks 10-11: Solar Plexus chakra—the energy of fire and will
Weeks 12-13: Sacral chakra—the energy of water and passion
Weeks 14-15: Root chakra—the energy of earth and commitment
Week 16: Integration weekend with the horses

Integration weekend

To complete your healing process, we will meet in person for a shamanic belief-change ritual, based on the same principles that form the foundation of such powerful practices like EMDR or Psych-K.

You get to surrender your most debilitating limiting belief to die in the fire of transformation and then sow the seeds of your newly transformed life. 

This process will be supported by the horses for further guidance.


The distance program will start on January 15, 2022. The integration weekend with the horses is planned for May 7-8, 2022.

 Lifetime Access

You can retake the distance portion of this program as many times as you like. You will retain lifetime access to the PDF teaching documents and the instructional videos, and you are welcome to join another group the following year, if this serves you.


The distance portion of this program is $960
The weekend retreat with the horses is $325 for a total value of $1285
The package price is $1095, a savings of $190!
Or pay in two instalments of $600

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Cycle 2: Rise into healing and empowerment

Continue to the next page for a description of the second cycle of this healing journey...

see Cycle two

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