A Journey of Personal and Spiritual Growth

My personal experience of birth trauma and childhood abuse and all that this entails later in life led me to try out many different means and modalities in order to heal and grow: yoga, counselling, meditation, self-help books, support groups, horses, somatic therapy, energy healing, psycho-therapy, tantra, breathwork, shamanism... And then I studied those modalities that I found to be most helpful in order to deepen into them, and they became my way of life. 

Working as a support group facilitator, peer counsellor and integrated bodyworker helped me understand that my true passion is to share this wisdom with women who are healing from similar life experiences. Soon, activating the Healer Within through one-on-one session no longer seemed enough and I created my signature service: A yearlong training program in Practical Animism that combines ALL that I have learned over the course of my life, from yogic teachings to shamanic rituals, from self-inquiry to embodiment practices.



To help you figure out whether these teachings are for you, I am offering a short self-assessment quiz, followed by a free phone consultation.

Kaleidoscope Healing

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