From Longing to Belonging

Self-healing through nature-based practices

Humanity has never been more connected than we are now and yet, we have never felt more alone and disconnected—from our life’s purpose, from sacred guidance, and from feeling “at home”. 

What if “home” is not a place, but a skill set? 

In this program you will:

  • develop a deep connection with the natural and spiritual worlds
  • practice nature-based elemental rituals
  • learn grounding and setting boundaries
  • get comfortable with difficult emotions
  • transform what no longer serves your highest good
  • understand and develop true compassion
  • develop a sense of belonging in this world


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Yearlong Training in Practical Animism

For those who want to dive deep into living an animistic life and learn shamanic self-healing rituals, there are two yearlong programs to choose from: The Path of the Shaman with a focus on connecting with the Ancestors, and The Path of the Priestess with a focus on serving the Goddess:

The Path of the Shaman

This 12-month training is a Tree Of Life initiation to living an animistic life in our modern world. It is an intense personal transformation. You will connect with the ancestors of your own cultural background and lineage, learn shamanic self-healing rituals, connect with elementals and spirit guides, and more. At the end of this process you will have developed good working relationships with your guides and assembled the tools you need to answer the question “Why am I here?”, know your unique gifts and how you can bring them into the world.


This workshop is offered every year in January as a group webinar. Self-paced or supported is available at any time.

Self-guided $30 - Supported $80 - Group $60


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