Shamanic Healing

From a shamanic point of view, the source of all things is Spirit. In a healing, the shaman journeys to the source of the illness or disharmony in the spirit realm and effects a change there so that healing can occur here. 

A shaman’s worldview is not focused on the notion that health is something that can be handed over to another person. Rather, a shaman stands at a junction of powers that are in opposition and holds the balance between opposing forces. Shamanic healing is not a set of techniques to be applied to a certain malady or certain symptoms, but rather an awakening to our own healed nature. 

Shamanic healing is a holistic approach that encompasses mind, body, emotions, soul, and Spirit. Modern research is slowly discovering what traditional healers have always known: that disease exists in the energetic patterns of an individual and is not only a physical issue. The key to healing is transforming the energy of illness into the energy of health. A shaman holds the energy of harmony on behalf of the client and removes the blockages that cause the energetic disharmony, which has lead to mental, emotional, or physical disease. 

However, it is important to keep in mind that shamanic healing is not energy healing. Do not expect to lie down on a massage table and have a healing “done to you”. Shamanic healing is ritualistic and you must be an active participant in your own healing process. In shamanic healing you do the work. The shaman facilitates this process and communicates with compassionate helping spirits on your behalf. Shamanic healing is about connecting with nature. It is about ritual and ceremony and reverence. It is about re-aligning yourself with your own healed nature. 

For people who experience chronic mental, physical, or emotional pain, depression, or addictions, shamanic healing can be a means to reach the source of the pain in spirit and release that pattern of suffering from your life. The core practices have changed very little and modern shaman use much of the same processes and tools as our ancestors thousands of years ago. Shamanic healing is a way to repair deep soul traumas without re-traumatizing yourself or giving up your power to a healer. It is a path for reclaiming your power, and for restoring joy and meaning to your life.

Shamanic healing is often used in conjunction with other healing modalities. It is intended to enhance, not replace, conventional health care.

Shamanic Healing may include:

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Equine Guided Shamanic Counselling

Ulrike is moving away from the classical forms of shamanic healing where the client remains passive and the practitioner goes into a drum-induced trance to communicate with the helping spirits on the client's behalf. Instead, she works in partnership with her horses, allowing the compassionate helping spirits communicate through the horses directly with the client. 

These healing rituals take place outside in Nature at a private horse farm. Interaction with the horses can be direct or over the fence, depending on your comfort level.

The first session of 2 hours is $200
Follow-up sessions of 60-90 minutes are $180
Package of two sessions for new clients $360

Shamanic counselling via Zoom: 1 hour $150

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Private Retreat

Healing rituals in nature guided by the gentle wisdom of horses

Imagine spending a day in nature in the company of gentle horses, receiving healing, releasing heavy emotions into the flowing water of the river, transforming your life in a fire ritual, learning new life skills...

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Ulrike has a strong presence and her shamanic rituals allowed me to get in touch to deep places within me. She challenges you just enough so that you can get there, and yet she is gentle and very caring.

I would like to thank you for being a part of my healing journey. I feel blessed to have a Shaman/Healer like you along my path in life. I felt a huge energy shift in my body after processing with you. You are an amazing Shaman. You are very graceful and connected with the Elements. Thank you so much for creating such a beautiful, safe, and sacred healing space.

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