Shamanic Exploration

A path of soul connection and kinship

Do you ever feel like you don’t belong? That you are either in the wrong place or living at the wrong time? That you don’t fit in? You may be experiencing "divine discontent".

In these times of global turmoil, environmental disregard and collapsing communities many of us feel separated from one another, from the Earth that sustains us, and from our connection with the Sacred. If this resonates with you, then you may find the connection that you seek in this program, exploring shamanism and its foundation, animism. 

In this 10-week program you will:

Module 1

  • learn about the difference between animism and shamanism
  • learn about the realms of the “Otherworld”
  • learn about different types of spirit guides and animal guides
  • learn how to do shamanic trance journey to drum beat
  • journey to meet your Power Animal
  • practice connecting with your Power Animal through guided shamanic journeys
  • download different drum recordings to practice shamanic journeying on your own
  • receive my complete e-book “Animism, Shamanism, and the Shamanic Trance Journey”
  • find out how to connect with elemental spirits in general

Each two-week module consists of:

The program includes participation in a private Facebook group for sharing and mutual support.

Integration and Completion:
 An optional three-day retreat with the horses 

Day 1


  • meet your peers and share your experience of the past weeks
  • meet the horses and learn how to connect with them through your intuition


  • practice the Earth rituals of grounding and connecting, and experience boundaries with each other
  • practice setting and asserting your boundaries with the horses
Day 2


  • meet at the river for a Water ritual of world-healing with the group
  • practice honesty with your emotions and experience the horses’ response when you are, or are not, congruent with your feelings


  • determine exactly what in your life needs to “die” and surrender it to the Fire in a ritual of transformation
  • celebrate your transformation with the horses through joyful play or dance
Day 3


  • experience the power of loving-kindness meditation when practiced with a group
  • extend loving-kindness to your horse through interactive mindfulness exercises


  • sharing and integration
  • ground the experiences of the weekend into your body through Yogic practice
  • complete with an Earth ritual of planting seeds for your life 


The distance program will start in April, 2022. The integration retreat with the horses is scheduled for June, 2022.

 Lifetime Access

You can retake the distance portion of this program as many times as you like. You will retain lifetime access to the PDF teaching documents and the instructional videos, and you are welcome to join another group the following year, if this serves you.


The 10-week distance portion of this program is $680. 

The 3-day retreat with the horses is regular $645 for a total value of 1325.
If booked together, the package price is $1145, a savings of $180!

Those who have recently taken the workshop The Shamanic Journey can apply for a discount towards registration. Please contact me for details.

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