Equine-Guided Offerings

The horses are now on winter break and our equine-guided sessions and retreats are on hiatus until next Spring. Here's what you can expect again next season:

Equine-Guided Counselling

Horses are gifted teachers and amazing facilitators in the work of human development, emotional healing, and spiritual growth. They teach us critical life skills, like managing emotions, navigating change, setting boundaries, and speaking our truth. Through specially designed activities we can deepen our awareness of personal issues, underlying feelings, and areas of tension that limit our ability to reach our true potential. Interaction with the horse requires no previous experience and includes many different activities such as petting, grooming, walking with the horse, or just sitting in their presence.

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Regular sessions of 90 minutes are $200
Shorter follow-up sessions and longer soul healing processes are also available

Kaleidoscope Healing

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