Yearlong Priestess Training

Yearlong Training in Practical Animism: The Path of the Priestess

Priestess is not a lofty concept of floating in the upper realms of love and light and serving the Goddess. Priestess is about embodying the Goddess and doing Her work on Earth, serving the people in her community. A priestess is an animist. Animism comes from the Latin word anima, which means soul. It means that everything is en-souled: animals and plants, rocks, forces of nature like the wind, clouds, water, etc. Everything is sacred. For an animist, the world is a community of persons, only few of which are human and all of which deserve respect. Animism is about living in Right Relationship, to cultivate more alignment and a natural sense of sacred connection to the world around us. It provides a pathway for awakening, healing, and transforming our lives, allowing us to build inner resources and access sacred guidance that bring us home to our highest self and fosters a soul-powered way of living on Mother Earth that truly benefits all. 

Year 1: Healing Ourselves

Over the course of the traditional "Year and A Day", you will dedicate yourself to the Goddess, diving deep into the mysteries of the Divine Feminine, and learn animistic practices for our modern world. This is a Tree Of Life initiation in the tradition of the 13th House Mystery School - universal, non-hierarchical, and sacred.

Similar to our animism training The Path of Shaman, you will explore another realm of the Tree Of Life each month, assemble 13 power stones or power objects, learn self-healing rituals, and more. At the end of this process you will have attuned yourself to the energy of your Attuning Goddess, developed good working relationships with your guides, and assembled the tools you need to answer the question “Why am I here?”, knowing your unique gifts and how you can bring them into the world.

  1. White Cord initiation, the feminine blood mysteries
  2. Root Chakra, Earth element: physical & energetic health, boundaries, grounding
  3. Sacral Chakra, Water element: feelings & emotions, water rituals, forgiveness practice
  4. Solar Plexus Chakra, Fire element: transformation through death
  5. Heart Chakra, Air element: mindfulness, compassion
  6. Throat Chakra, Space element: reclaiming our stories, finding our voice
  7. Third Eye Chakra: intuition & divination
  8. Crown Chakra: The Upper World, beings of light, archetypes
  9. The Divine Feminine - balancing & healing feminine archetypes within
  10. The Divine Masculine - balancing & healing masculine archetypes within
  11. Dreams and Dreamwork - dream interpretation, conscious dreaming
  12. Shadow Work - transformation through love
  13. Personal Power & Red Cord Initiation

Since we are taking a shamanic approach to animism, the ability to do shamanic trance journeys to drumbeat is very helpful. This is taught in our introductory workshop The Shamanic Journey. A free question-and-answer session about the yearlong training programs follows each introductory workshop.

Training Options

In-person group training is one full day each month for 13 months on a Saturday, plus self-study and practice assignments, unlimited email support, one individual support call by phone or Skype per month, and reduced rates for shamanic healing sessions.

Group training at a distance is available for those who prefer not to commute to Hope on a monthly basis. This options consists of monthly lesson packages in the form of PDF documents and monthly group Zoom calls, plus email support and a sharing group on Facebook with optional outdoor gatherings for group ritual.

One-on-one mentorship is offered to those who cannot commit to the time schedule of a group process and is offered at a distance through lesson packages in the form of PDF documents and Zoom or Skype calls plus email support.

The group training starts every year sometime between Imbolc (early February) and Ostara (Spring Equinox) when the Earth Goddess re-awakens from her winter slumber. The one-on-one mentorship can be started any time. For more details and to register, please contact us.


At the end of the Year and a Day, you have the option to practice as a solitary Priestess, or to be initiated into the 13th House Mystery Tradition. Ulrike was initiated by Nikiah Seeds under the mentorship of Yvonne Owens, Founding Priestess of the 13th House Mystery Tradition in Victoria BC and author of the book Journey of the Bard: Celtic Initiatory Magic. To find out more about the Tradition, please visit Its philosophy is reprinted here with permission:

Thirteenth House Philosophy

The 13th House Mystery Tradition is dedicated to the facilitation of self-realization and self-expression through creative acts.

The 13th House Mystery Tradition maintains the beliefs:

Structure of Tradition:
Circle or Clan structure, interconnecting groups of one to thirteen, (or more) individuals.

Origin of Tradition:
The Tradition was formalized on the Fall Equinox in 1993 by nine Founding Priestesses, all of whom were Initiatrix.

Growth and Expansion of Tradition:
The structure allows for "hiving-off" from founding body into sub-groups.

Rank and Hierarchy of Tradition:
None. There is one initiation into the Mystery, whereupon Priestesses or Priests choose their Avocation. The core structure is focused upon Self-Expression through Creative Acts, with a focus upon Art, Performance, Healing or Teaching.
A further initiation into the personal legacy of genetic or soul lineage is available for those who are called to create, perform, heal or teach under the auspices of the 13th House Mystery Tradition, whereupon the Priestess or Priest is entitled to represent the Tradition, if they so choose.

Initiation into Tradition:
Any and all initiations into the Personal Mystery of the Thirteenth House Tradition are to be undertaken after an apprenticeship to the Tradition for a period of time lasting a Year and a Day of study, observation and introspection, as well as the Tree of Knowledge initiation.

Dogma, Doctrine and Credo of Tradition:
In that this is a Revealed Mystery Tradition, no one dogma, lore or Book of Shadows is obligatory for initiates, Priestesses, or Priests of the Tradition. Each individual is empowered within the collective to formulate their own mythos, theology, theory and practice within the Wiccan Rede, including that of Shamanism.

Functions of the Thirteenth House Mystery Tradition:

Copyright: Yvonne Owens, Founding Priestess of the 13th House Mystery School, Victoria.

Year 2: Empowering Others

After completion of the Year 1 training above, or with the necessary pre-requisites, you have the option to continue into a second year apprenticeship and learn shamanic healing rituals and ceremonies to bring the gift of shamanic healing to others, including:

  1. Ethics, energy hygiene, and boundaries
    The Middle World and Trickster spirits
    Spirits of Place and of the Land
    Space clearing, ceremony and blessing

  2. Ancestors, ghosts and ancestral healing
    Psychopomp (ushering the souls of the deceased)
    Shamanic Tending

  3. Diagnostic journeying
    Power Animal retrieval
    Power object creation
    Unhealthy attachments and de-cording

  4. Trauma and soul loss
    Soul retrieval
    Distance work

  5. Working with the spirit of illness
    Intrusive energies and Extraction
    Protective armour and De-armouring
    Intrusive entities and introduction to Depossession

The training is over five weekends, Saturday and Sunday, roughly two months apart to allow for practice and case-study work between classes. Some classes may have an evening ceremony on the Saturday. Classes build on each other and must be taken in sequence. Case study reports must be handed in prior to next class. 

There is no distance option for the apprenticeship.

For more information and to schedule an interview, please contact us.

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I am so happy that I became an initiate in the tradition of the 13th House Mystery School through the “Year and A Day” dedication to The Goddess training with [Ulrike]. It was so rejuvenating to my body and Soul as I walked, for 13 months, remembering the source of my sovereignty with the teachings of inner work supported by my Attuning Goddess. The work went deep but with the support of Ulrike and the Circle it moved with grace. Thank you Ulrike, for all that you do and for creating a program that allows scared teachings to be accessible and remembered once more. Blessings to you.

I have completed the yearlong training, the Path of the Priestess, with Ulrike. I remember my reservations at the intro session - I was feeling a bit skeptical about the words "priestess" and "goddess" and thought it was a current trend in the spiritual community. I couldn't even define the Priestess in my own words... but something was drawing me in. An ancient call, that I felt more in my body and in my dreams, than in my mind. I am very grateful to myself for listening to this call and for taking this opportunity to learn, to grow and to heal. This was a powerful, powerful year of getting in touch with my personal power, with my intuition, with my body, and with my authentic self. I have shifted some core limiting beliefs about myself and about what I can and cannot have. Looking back at it now, I can honestly say it was a life changing experience for me. I looooooved being in the circle with other women - courageous, vulnerable, searching, doing their work; witnessing and supporting each other and expressing their truths. Ulrike is an incredible teacher - intuitive, open, compassionate, fair and down to Earth. I've learnt so much just through witnessing her doing her work and hearing the story of her own journey. I feel at peace in my own body. I feel curious and joyful about myself. I feel inspired and not afraid to take the risks. And I feel grateful to Ulrike, to all my Sisters, to all my Teachers and Compassionate Guiding Spirits and to Myself for the support, patience, and for teaching me Love.

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