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From Longing to Belonging

Self-healing through nature-based practices

Humanity has never been more connected than we are now and yet, we have never felt more alone and disconnected—from our life’s purpose, from sacred guidance, and from feeling “at home”. 

What if “home” is not a place, but a skill set? 

In this 8-week program you will develop a deep connection with the natural and spiritual worlds through nature-based practices and elemental rituals. 

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Yearlong Training in Practical Animism

For those who already know that they want to dive deep into living an animistic life and learn shamanic healing rituals, there are two yearlong programs to choose from: The Path of the Shaman with a focus on connecting with the Ancestors, and The Path of the Priestess with a focus on serving the Goddess:

The Path of the Shaman

This 12-month training is a Tree Of Life initiation to living an animistic life in our modern world. It is an intense personal transformation through group process or as a one-on-one mentorship. You will connect with the ancestors of your own cultural background and lineage, learn shamanic self-healing rituals, connect with elementals and spirit guides, and more. At the end of this process you will have developed good working relationships with your guides and assembled the tools you need to answer the question “Why am I here?”, know your unique gifts and how you can bring them into the world.

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The Shamanic Journey

An introduction to animism, shamanism, and the shamanic trance journey

This introductory workshop is offered as a webinar once every month on a Saturday afternoon and one-on-one any time for those who can't make the scheduled times. 

You will learn about the differences between shamanism and animism, and about the roles of the shaman historically and today. You will receive suggestions for living an animistic life in Right Relationship and return your life to balance.

Journeying is the ability to enter into an altered state of consciousness, or shamanic trance, to access the alternate reality of the Otherworld. You will learn to journey to drumbeat and meet your Power Animal (or Animal Spirit Guide), then find out how to connect with this guide later at home to gain insight into important life issues.

The group webinar includes:
  • The pre-readings as PDF document
  • A 2-hour Zoom call including two shamanic journeys with with live drumming
  • The complete e-book "Animism, Shamanism, and the Shamanic Trance Journey" - a $10 value
  • A download link to four different drumming recordings to practice shamanic journeying after the workshop

The registration fee is $80 for either the group webinar or the one-on-one course.


Balancing Your Ancestral Lines

Offered as a group webinar series once a year in November—or privately on request

Ancestral healing is based on the belief that what happened in our family before we were born, any trauma or unresolved issues our Ancestors had, may be influencing our life today. Ancestral healing can transform these patterns that are not in our highest good, or are preventing us from carrying out our soul’s purpose.

In this webinar series we will use the shamanic drum journey to meet your Ancestor Guide and journey up your four primary ancestral lines to explore the patterns that are having a disruptive influence on your life today, but also the blessings that you are carrying into the world at this time.

The ability to do a shamanic trance journey is very helpful and the above introductory workshop The Shamanic Journey is recommended.

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Vision Board: Aligning Your Goals with Your Soul's Purpose

Offered as a group webinar once a year in January—or privately on request

The Vision Board is a powerful tool to help plant the seeds of our goals and intentions for the year ahead. “The Secret” people were right when they said that we have the power to manifest anything. However, they didn’t tell us that we can only manifest that which is aligned with the greater Truth for the highest good of all beings. Otherwise, what we manifest comes at a very high price and doesn’t last. 

In this workshop, we will take a shamanic approach to vision-boarding and determine first what it is that we need to manifest in our life right now to align with our soul’s purpose. We will go on a shamanic drum journey around the Wheel Of Life to find out what needs to “die” in order to make room for something new to be born, what needs to be nurtured to grow and mature, and what is ready to be shared in our community. 

This process will take place via Zoom, leaving you the rest of the day and all of Sunday to find images and quotes in magazines and online for your poster board, which will serve you as a beautiful reminder throughout the year. We'll also discuss how to create a vision board without magazines.

No previous experience with journeying is required.

This workshop is offered annually in January and can be scheduled any time with a minimum of three participants. Please contact us, if you would like to host this workshop in your area.


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