Horse Retreats

The horses are now on winter break and our equine-guided workshops and retreats are on hiatus until next Spring. Here's what you can expect again next season:

Transform Your Limiting Beliefs

3-Day Retreat for Healing and Transformation

Do you find yourself constantly repeating the same experiences?
Have you tried to change a behaviour only to fall back into the same rut?
Are you getting frustrated with affirmations and visualizations and positive thinking?
It may be time to make a change at the level of your subconscious. 

In this three-day belief-change group ritual Ulrike is pulling together her experience in Shamanism and Equine Guided Learning to bring you a belief-change process that works! It is based on the same principals as Psych-K, which is derived from neuroscience research and ancient mind/body wisdom to facilitate change at the subconscious level. 

In this process we will draw on the wisdom of the horses to support us through interactive exercises. You will be guided through several shamanic journeys and engage in elemental healing rituals to effect lasting change in your life, working with the four classical elements: Fire for transformation, Water to release, Air for inspiration, and Earth to plant new seeds.

These three days will be intense, and at the same time you will be relaxing in Nature, supported by the gentle healing power of the horses.

Max. 4 people
$645 per person for three days

This belief-change ritual can also be booked as a private retreat over two days. Please visit the " Services " page for details.

Tools For Living Well

2-Day Retreat for Personal Growth and Empowerment

Supported by horses as healers and teachers, these two experiential days of healing and learning in a small group will leave you nourished and inspired to move forward with fresh energy and new tools to live life more fully. 

Max. 4 people
$480 per person for two days

Release & Recharge

1-Day Retreat

Are you ready for the pandemic to be over already?

Would you like to release the heavy emotions that have built up this past year?

Could your depleted "batteries" benefit from being recharged?

During this nature retreat we will spend time in the gentle presence of the horses and let them help us do just that: release and recharge, and find out what we need now in order to move forward from here. This day has no set agenda. We will simply flow with the needs of the group and the guidance of the horses.

One-day retreats are regular $245 and I am offering this one at a special "pandemic" rate of $220. Or bring a friend and pay only $200 each.

EFT Tapping with Horses

1-Day Retreat for Healing and Learning
Imagine combining the magic of "tapping" with the healing power of the horses...

In this one-day retreat I am partnering with my friend Christine Zyla, a life coach and certified practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), who will teach us EFT tapping to release the heavy emotions that have built up in our lives over the past year. Then we will turn to the horses to receive guidance on how to move forward from here, all while receiving gentle healing from the horses and Mother Nature.

EFT is a routine of gentle tapping on specific acupressure points to relieve emotional and physical pain. The basic technique presented in this workshop is a simple and effective self-help tool for bringing calm to the body and mind.

Max. 4 people
$295 per person 

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