Summer Solstice

Sunday, June 20

Join me at the farm to celebrate the longest day of the year in the gentle presence of the horses.

We will meet at noon, when the Solstice sun is highest, for a sun meditation to stoke our inner fire and then move through a series of fun activities, flowing with the energy of the moment, which may also include a fire ritual, if no fire ban is in effect.

Suggested donation: $40-80

To reserve your spot, please send me an email:


The Equine Wheel of Life

Combining shamanic teachings with the wisdom of the horses, you will explore the four cardinal directions of the Wheel of Life (aka Medicine Wheel) and the four classical elements with the herd. Enjoy three fun-filled days in nature and let the horses teach you important life-skills. Day 1
Introduction & Meet the Herd
EARTH: Learn grounding and awareness of your energy field and boundary, practice setting boundaries with the horses.

Day 2
WATER: Be aware of your emotions and learn how to let them flow, forgiveness ritual at the river.
FIRE: Transform what no longer serves your highest good in a fire ritual, have fun and dance with the horses.

Day 3
AIR: Learn how to become mindful in daily live and find out the difference it makes in the presence of the herd, practice loving-kindness meditation.
Farewell to the Herd

Max. 6 people
$645 per person
(Accommodation or food are not included.) 

25-27 June 2021, 11am-4pm each day

Tools For Living Well

Supported by horses as healers and teachers, these three experiential days of healing and learning in a small group will leave you nourished and inspired to move forward with fresh energy and new tools to live life more fully. 

Day 1: Boundaries

Boundaries are essential to healthy relationships and a healthy life. Boundaries give us agency over our physical space, body, and feelings. Setting and sustaining effective boundaries is a skill. Unfortunately, it’s a skill that many of us have never been taught. We might pick up pointers here and there from experience or others, but for many of us, boundary-setting is a relatively new concept and a challenging one. Supported by the horses, you will learn grounding, energy awareness, and setting healthy boundaries through interactive exercises.

9-11 July 2021, 11am-4pm each day

Max. 6 people
$645 for three full days
(Accommodation or food are not included.)


Vision Board: Aligning Our Goals with Our Soul's Purpose

This workshop is offered annually in January and can be scheduled any time with a minimum of three participants. Please contact us, if you would like to host this workshop in your area.

The Vision Board is a powerful tool to help plant the seeds of our goals and intentions for the year ahead. “The Secret” people were right when they said that we have the power to manifest anything. However, they didn’t tell us that we can only manifest that which is aligned with the greater Truth for the highest good of all beings. Otherwise, what we manifest comes at a very high price and doesn’t last. 

In this workshop, we will take a shamanic approach to vision-boarding and determine first what it is that we need to manifest in our life right now to align with our soul’s purpose. We will go on a shamanic drum journey around the Wheel Of Life to find out what needs to “die” in order to make room for something new to be born, what needs to be nurtured to grow and mature, and what is ready to be shared in our community. 

This process will take place via Zoom, leaving you the rest of the day and all of Sunday to find images and quotes in magazines and online for your poster board, which will serve you as a beautiful reminder throughout the year. We'll also discuss how to create a vision board without magazines.

No previous experience with journeying is required.


Drum Birthing

Give birth to your own shamanic frame drum in sacred ceremony and journey to the spirit of your new drum to learn its name and purpose. 

We will gather in sacred space on Saturday afternoon to meet the spirit of your drum, connect with the Earth and Fire elements, work with the hoops and begin preparing your mallet. The hides will soak overnight. We will meet again on Sunday morning to connect with Air and Water, and then spend the rest of the day pulling hides and finishing mallets.

Choose your rawhide from either Elk or Deer (ethically sourced Horse hide from natural deaths can also be ordered with advance notice). The hoops are Maple (or Cedar on request, if available). Bring your own tree branch for the mallet, or choose from the ones available at the workshop.

The cost for all materials for a 16" drum with mallet is $170, payable by the registration deadline so the hides can be ordered, and is non-refundable. The workshop fee of $180 covers instruction and ceremonies for a total of $350. For larger or smaller drums, please inquire about material cost.

This workshop can be scheduled any time with a minimum of three participants. Please contact us, if you would like to host this workshop in your area. You can also book a private session and learn to make your own drum one-on-one.


Kaleidoscope Healing

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