Equine Guided Workshops

Release and Restore - Tap out COVID-19

Imagine combining the magic of "tapping" with the healing power of the horses...

In this daylong retreat, I am partnering with my friend Christine Zyla, a life coach and certified practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), who will teach us Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) tapping to release the heavy emotions that have built up in our lives over the past few months. Then we will turn to the horses to receive guidance on how to move forward from here, all while receiving gentle healing from the horses and Mother Nature...EFT is a routine of gentle tapping on specific acupressure points to relieve emotional and physical pain. The basic technique presented in this workshop is a simple and effective self-help tool for bringing calm to the body and mind.

  • 2021 dates TBC

Max. 4 people
$295 per person 
Early bird: $20 off, if paid one month in advance
Those who have already participated in the Release and Restore retreat can skip the introductions to Equine and to EFT in the morning and join us after lunch for the heart and soul of the work at a reduced rate of $215.



This [Release and Restore workshop] was just so appropriate for these times as I was quite stressed and anxious trying to stay safe from Covid19 and cope with all the changes. The day was excellent with two capable facilitators and calm interactions with the horses. This supportive session helped me to restore the balance and normalcy back into my life. I came away feeling more relaxed, confident and with a useful tool in tapping. Exactly what I needed! Thank you.

I was lucky enough to attend Ulrike’s Equine Wheel retreat in June, and it was a surprisingly profound experience. Such simple teachings that allow you to really delve into your own heart. Ulrike’s facilitation, guidance and support was invaluable. I really appreciated her down-to-earth approach, her good humour, and incredible kindness. She has such a calm, kind, and grounded energy, it truly was an honour to learn from her.

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