Equine Guided Counselling

Magic happens when humans and horses come together.

Your Equine Guided Counselling session may also include shamanic healing rituals as needed.
The first session of 2 hours is $200
Follow-up sessions of 60-90 minutes are $180
Package of two sessions for new clients $360

Private Retreat

Healing rituals in nature guided by the gentle wisdom of horses

Imagine spending a day in nature in the company of gentle horses, receiving healing, releasing heavy emotions into the flowing water of the river, transforming your life in a fire ritual, learning new life skills...

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I had an intuitive session with Ulrike and the horses. I felt quickly drawn into the present moment. My mind went quiet and my heart started talking. Ulrike was really supportive and her guidance through the session was resonating with me. Great Experience!

If you have stumbled upon Ulrike like I did consider it a blessing. She helped me get clear on what it is I truly want and assisted in translating my deepest emotions. I feel a mental blockage has been removed and I am feeling more confident in expressing who I truly am.

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