Animism Workshops

A series of workshops for anyone who would like to learn how to live an animistic life in our modern world.
  1. The Basics - no prerequisites
  2. The Essentials - requires completion of the Basics
  3. The Extras - no prerequisites
  4. The Immersions - requires completion of the Essentials

To understand the difference between animism and shamanism please visit the page About Shamanism.

The Essentials

Journeying skills are recommended.

Please note that Ulrike does not work with plant spirits such as Ayahuasca - it is not part of her heritage or training - nor does she teach shamanic healing practices to laypersons. The workshops above focus on living an animistic life in a modern world. If you are interested in a shamanic apprenticeship, please contact her for details.


Ulrike, I want to take a moment to thank you very much for the shamanic ceremonies this past weekend. You have a great talent of knowing when to ask questions and what questions to ask to help draw out feelings and emotions that I may not have otherwise realized. You have helped transform my life and I feel grounded and have more self-realization. I am blessed that our paths have crossed. Thank you so very much!

Ulrike has a strong presence and her shamanic rituals allowed me to get in touch to deep places within me. She challenges you just enough so that you can get there, and yet she is gentle and very caring. Thank you Ulrike, you are a very powerful Shaman! 

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