The Path of the Shaman

Yearlong Training in Practical Animism: The Path of the Shaman

Shamanism is based in animism, the oldest spiritual practice known to humankind. It occurred on all continents simultaneously. Animism comes from the Latin word anima, which means soul. It means that everything is en-souled: animals and plants, rocks, forces of nature like the wind, clouds, water, etc. Everything is sacred. For an animist, the world is a community of persons, only few of which are human and all of which deserve respect. Animism is about living in Right Relationship, to cultivate more alignment and a natural sense of sacred connection to the world around us. It provides a pathway for awakening, healing, and transforming our lives, allowing us to build inner resources and access sacred guidance that bring us home to our highest self and fosters a soul-powered way of living on Mother Earth that truly benefits all. 

This 12-month training is a Tree Of Life initiation to living an animistic life in our modern world. It is an intense personal transformation through group process or as a one-on-one mentorship option. You will connect with the ancestors of your own cultural background and lineage, assemble 12 power stones or power objects, learn self-healing rituals, connect with elementals and spirit guides, and more. At the end of this process you will have developed good working relationships with your guides and assembled the tools you need to answer the question “Why am I here?”, know your unique gifts and how you can bring them into the world.

  1. Ancestors & balancing our ancestral lines
  2. Root Chakra, Earth element: physical & energetic health, boundaries, grounding
  3. Sacral Chakra, Water element: feelings & emotions, water rituals, forgiveness practice
  4. Solar Plexus Chakra, Fire element: transformation through death
  5. Heart Chakra, Air element: mindfulness, compassion
  6. Throat Chakra, Space element: reclaiming our stories, finding our voice
  7. Third Eye Chakra: intuition & divination
  8. Crown Chakra: The Upper World, beings of light, archetypes
  9. The Divine Feminine - balancing & healing feminine archetypes within
  10. The Divine Masculine - balancing & healing masculine archetypes within
  11. Dreams and Dreamwork - dream interpretation, conscious dreaming
  12. Personal Power & graduation

Since we are taking a shamanic approach to animism, the ability to do shamanic trance journeys to drumbeat is very helpful. This is taught in our introductory workshop The Shamanic Journey. A free question-and-answer session about the yearlong training programs follows each introductory workshop.

Training Options

Group training at a distance consists of monthly lesson packages in the form of PDF documents and monthly group Zoom calls, plus email support and a sharing group on Facebook with optional outdoor gatherings for group ritual.

One-on-one mentorship is offered to those who cannot commit to the time schedule of a group process and is offered at a distance through lesson packages in the form of PDF documents and Zoom or Skype calls plus email support.

The group training starts every year around the time of Samhain (early November) when the veils between the worlds are thin and the ancestors walk among us. The one-on-one mentorship can be started any time. For more details and to register, please contact us.

Free eBook

Learn about the difference between animism and shamanism, find out what shamanic healing encompasses, and much more...


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